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Zona Rosa Caffe Gallery, Dia de Los Muertos Festival  "Frida Forever", altar

                              The Folk Tree, Pasadena  32nd Annual Day of the Dead  "Santa Muerte", altar                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    2014
The Folk Tree, Pasadena  31st Annual Day of the Dead  " The 27 Club-Janis, Jimi & Jim", altar

Cactus Gallery, Los Angeles     The Bird Show    "The Message", acrylic /canvas


 The Folk Tree, Pasadena     Hearts & Flowers XXVI   "The Message" , acrylic / canvas

The Folk Tree, Pasadena    30th Annual Day of the Dead    "James Dean Tribute", altar


The Folk Tree, Pasadena    Hearts  & Flowers XXIV    "Your Eye, I Eyed", ink/paper

El Camino College Art Gallery, Torrance    Recuerdos  Vividos    "Morrigan Returns-Again", altar

The Folk Tree, Pasadena      28th Annual Day of the Dead    "Nathaniel Hawthorne Homage", altar    


LAX Terminal 1 Art Gallery , L.A.    "Only 99 Cents!" Exhibit    "Artemis Ephesus", assemblage

The Folk Tree, Pasadena    Hearts & Flowers XXIII    "The Rose Queen", assemblage

The Folk Tree , Pasadena    Saints & Sinners XXIII   "Ishtar", assemblage

Cactus Gallery, Eagle Rock    "Six Legged Freaks" Show     "The Parasite", collage on canvas

The Folk Tree, Pasadena     "Paradise Lost" Show     "Mrs. God", collage on canvas

Cactus Gallery, Eagle Rock     "Draw the Line" Show     "Ganesh", pencil on paper

The Folk Tree, Pasadena      27th Annual Day of the Dead       "Morrigan Returns", altar


The Folk Tree, Pasadena      Hearts & Flowers XXII       "Elemental Heart", acrylic/canvas

The Folk Tree, Pasadena      Saints & Sinners XXII      "Lilith", acrylic/canvas

Cactus Gallery,Eagle Rock      "40 Shades of Green" Show     "Corn Maiden", acrylic/canvas

The Folk Tree, Pasadena     "Two by Two" Show      "Elephants That Paint", ink/paper

Hollywood Forever Cemetery, L.A.      "Dia de Los Muertos"     "Homage to Frida Kahlo", altar

The Folk Tree, Pasadena     26th Annual Day of the Dead      "Ode to Georgia O'Keeffe", altar

Venues 1996 - 2008

Arroyo Arts Collective, Acorn Gallery, Highland Park CA

Future Studio, Highland Park CA

Raven's Flight, North Hollywood CA   SOLO SHOW

Java Goddess, Burbank CA  SOLO SHOW

Artists Coalition, North Hollywood CA

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